Friday, August 26, 2011

Apple iCloud phishing attacks

No surprise if Apple iCloud become of the phishing target by hacker. Below is the post by Sophos about Apple iCloud phishing attacks in details.

When a Naked Security reader forwarded us a suspicious email he received today, it served as a healthy reminder for all computer users to be on their guard against phishing attacks.
The email claims to come from Apple, and appears to have targeted our correspondent because he is a user of Apple's MobileMe service.
Apple is planning to shut down its MobileMe service in mid-2012, as it is readying its new iCloud service (which will store music, photos, calendars, documents etc in 'the cloud' and wirelessly push them to all of your devices).
Understandably, a lot of MobileMe users are interested in how they will migrate to iCloud and this is the issue that the phishing email uses as bait.
iCloud phishing email

Welcome to iCLOUD
Message body:
Important information for MobileMe members.
Dear MobileMe member,
Please sign up for iCloud and click the submit botton, you'll be able to keep your old
email address and move your mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks to the new service.
Your subscription will be automatically extended through July 31, 2012, at no additional charge.
After that date, MobileMe will no longer be available.
Click here to update iCLOUD
The Apple store Team


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Peter Bodde said...

I have shared this. Thanks for the heads up. It seems cyber criminals are capitalizing on the iCloud.
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