Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flashback/Flashfake Mac Trojan Removal Tool

Due to recently outbreak over 600,000 Mac computer have been infected with latest variant of Flashback Trojan Horse, few antivirus security come out with removal tool to encounter this problem.

F-Secure Tools - This tools require user to type complicated command in Mac OS X,  and it will bit challenging for non-technical users.

How to use the tools:

1) Download to the Mac machine you want to scan.
2) Double-click the zip package to unzip it in the current folder
3) Double-click the FlashBack Removal app to run the tool
4) Follow the instructions to check your system and clean any infections

The tools creates a log file (RemoveFlashback.log) on current user’s Desktop. If any infections are found, they are quarantined into an encrypted ZIP file ( to the current user’s Home folder. The ZIP is encrypted with the password 'infected'.


Kaspersky Tools - This tools pretty simple to use, user just download the tools and execute the tool to scan/removal trojan. This tool can be download from


Besides that, Kaspersky also set up online resource where all users of Mac OS X can check if their computer has been infected by Flashback. All data sent by infected computers and UUIDs are recorded in kaspersky dedicated database. 

Website to check infected Mac OS systems:


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